Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣
Muji Grey 無印灰  -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣

Muji Grey 無印灰 -「金屬版」多用途電話繩連電話扣

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3)一 click 鬆開,可以隨時自拍!唔駛成條繩除底咁麻煩!
5) 「純白片」,寫完可以擦走(記得用油性筆寫,再用強力擦膠擦去)


❌我哋冇賣電話殼架,用番自己個機殻就可以! 👌🏻👌🏻

📣兼容所有智能手機殼, 但某些具有特定形狀的外殼或太緊的機殼未必適用。

送貨: 7個工作天 , 所有訂單順豐到付

Compatible with all smartphone cases. You can use it just by inserting Project no.9 phone holder through your smartphone case. 

*Please make sure the logo is facing outside, so that you can connect to any cable without blocking.

*Some cases with a specific shape or tight cases may not be used with the phone holder. 

Phone strap 多用途電話繩

  • 連扣長繩大約120cm,另有125cm, 130cm, 135cm 可供選擇 (長度有偏差屬正常)
  • 短帶大約28cm
  • 特別訂製黑色「金屬」接駁頭


  • Long strap - standard length around 120cm, other options of 125cm, 130cm, 135cm are also available
  • short strap - length around 28cm
  • Comfortable strap material
  • Metal strap connector with strong and quick release lobster clasp
  • The phone strap keeps your phone secure and accessible at all times
  • The perfect solution for anyone who wants easy access to their phone, let the hand free when needed

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